Count Xandamere, the Damnedto Babidi, Dark Bard

Hah! Fighting teams of people in Mercinae? Hardly. Today, he refused my challenge

and hid in his guildhall. He only came out when I was in Thakria, apparently too

afraid to fight without the aid of runestaves. Despite the staves, in a brilliant

display of incompetence Zakath still managed to die several times. And Kalysta,

dear Kalysta, you refuse my challenges on a regular basis when your own personal

army isn't lined up behind you. You hide in storerooms or under protection and

spout off about how you don't have time to bother with me, while I kill your

citizens and your men. And then you have the nerve to blatantly lie on this bb

about how you constantly fight for Thakria? What audacity!

Written by my hand on the 28th of Hindyear, in the year 1043.