Laugh, so your justification for jumping me--no, teaming me!--is that

you were targetted in an Avalon ritual? So days later, long since the rit

has dispersed on the breeze, you come for me after I had been fighting

all day long against those who raided my guild? Oh yes, it must be the

epitome of the Cavalier honor code to attack when your foe is distracted

with matters greater than yourself. Ahh well, just makes me more proud to

be a Mercinaen Mage.

But that's not really my point at all. If you can catch me unprepared, you

deserve the XP for my death, as it is I who am the fool, not you. I just

wonder, where is it honorable to team me while my back is turned while

repeatedly turning down my challenges? You can't face me while my attentions

are focused on you? I mean, I know that Mages rock, but still. *chuckles*


Written by my hand on the 26th of Hindyear, in the year 1038.