Blotto, The Red Tideto Sir Duroc of Mercinae

Well, I never post here, but I figure you have actually warranted it this time

In our latest encounters, I hear you have been boasting of killing me several times.

I would just like to clear up the fact that you once you jumped me after , directly I might add, a mutualt challenge, before I even had time to sip a health potion

Secondly, you did get me once on jegga, which in no way shows you have skill, just that my highlighting failed me once again.

Finally I find that killing anyone while they are link dead for over 20 minutes warrants any boasting either, even if you did ship me.

I see the true colors of you knights in you, save someone like randon.

Do not boast about killing me ever again, I wipe the floor with you, and always have, get it straight


Written by my hand on the 25th of Hindyear, in the year 1038.