Your lessons, and mine.

Ahh, of course it had nothing to do with my skill. Right.

Anyway, I haven't had DP for a long stretch of time for a good

while now. I'll admit I can't be around as often as I'd like due

to having my priorities in the correct order, but when I have

the time to be on, I encourage you to challenge me all you like.

And, just for the record, you've killed me about five times,

three of those times due to jumping me, two because I wanted a

challenge. In fact, you're a pretty good deal bigger than me, so

I shouldn'tve been able to get in any kills on you at all, lag

or no lag. Then again, I guess we all can't have the common sense

to get off of Avalon when the lag is so bad we can't act... and

not only did you not heed that common sense, but you also challenged


Perhaps you're right... my victory over you didn't have as much to

do with my skill as it did with your stupidity.

--Young Mage Sorianon, Student Extraordinaire

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Ilmarael, in the year 1036.