Since you refuse to answer my tells, you force me to make this public in the hope of getting an answer from you.

You called me a cheat,and that really annoys me. Call me a (swearword),and that's fine. Because i probably am one. But cheating i don't do.

You mentioned something about letting a bandit kill you. Well,if you remember,before the challenge started you were in the triangular house. I certainly didnt bring him with me,so you work it out.

Sorcer Wil mentioned that you accused him of casting webs at you. Wrong. It was me,heres a little bit of my log from the fight.

You touch Squire Filo.

You cast your magical web about Squire Filo.

Squire Filo is immersed in some magical net, and struggles vainly to break

from the bonds

(sorry if that set any triggers off,but it serves you right for using them)

Yes,i was probably lucky to beat you,but i did it with my own skills and my own strategy, and i'm sorry if you can

t accept that.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Ilmarael, in the year 1036.