I refuse to honour mutual challenges with you as you have shown, time after time after time after time that you don't honour them.

As for not leaving bb, I logged on, went straight to BB - posted (or can't you read) and logged off, both challenges were issued to me as I wrote.

There is no contradiction between me killing you and you alkaring, summoning people and running away. They are all parts of a standard sequence of events.

Perhaps you should talk to your friends, the calivers cannot be both cowards and spunky, that IS a contradiction. Arthor is an incredible fighter, I am not, but all Cavaliers are not afraid of fighting or dying or being stripped, that's what makes us


I have a thousand logs indicating your bravery - including one from my first week here when you started stripping my items at path entrance \"because I had too many for a week old player\"

You make me sick Allanon, carry on trying to smelt and shatter my equipment, at least you have to stand and fight while doing it.

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Midsummer, in the year 1029.