Save the very infequent mistake I respect mutual challenges

I can only assume Ghadarin was amuised I challenged you because

you would not leave the bb (you must be a v e r y . s l o w . r e a d e r)

and after seeing me issue he thought it was a good idea.

As for you killing me all the time please decide which part

of your delusional mind is in charge today.

Either its the one where you kill me constantly and I hide from you

or the one when all I do is alkar and call for help.

One last point are you the leader of the cavalier witches or does

Arthor dress up in drag and lead the processions when you all get

together. - (my gods Arthor thou doth like \"spunky\" women in they guild)

Written by my hand on the 25th of Skyelong, in the year 1029.