Aryca, the Compassionate Healerto Everyone

Is the posting from His Lordship Proteus...

I am willig to lend 130 years of experience if any desire a class on high level healing, herbology, or beingneutral in face of extreme pressure and conflict (M'lord Arthor may wish to attend this one, and in such manner gain perspective on what animis

try is).

Any tuition collected by such classes will be split twixt Her Ladyship of Life, His Lordship of Compassion, and any cause named by his Lordship of the Seas, as token of gratitude for the Wisdom he has shared.

I am also willing to give classes on how to survive until first aid or escape is possible, having hadto defend myself against the likes of Shaitan, Sax, and numerous other bloodthirsty folk.

In Compassion.....


Written by my hand on the 4th of Ilmarael, in the year 1020.