Always read the small print.

Storm Front Aias, Rolling Thunderto Kal Zakath

Dear Zakath

If you'd read my post to the end you would have seen that I deliberately excluded alkar from the prize, as along with spirit cocoon it renders you immobile. So no cash for you my foolhardy friend.

That post was written in the heat of the moment straight after I'd died yet again to staves after being splashed with levitation potion. I've since learned how to counter this (though putting it into practise will be another matter), so no complaints


Proteus is, as ever, quite right in his constructive criticism of cures verses defences and I applaud his interest in improving our skills and the uses thereof. I, for one, eagerly await Arthor's master class in jumping which I will gladly pay several

thousand for, as well as Aerian's seminar on manic evil. Though I think it shall be a long while indeed before we see a lesson given on how to roleplay being good in Avalon.


Written by my hand on the 27th of Midsummer, in the year 1020.