Duellist Harvesting.

Fatalus the Scroungerto Genesis, the god of time

What makes harvesting unique among other types of comm work is that it's normally practiced as a communal activity. Other than this aspect, I don't

see any difference in farming from the other comm generating activities.

Historical social standards dictate that harvesting one's own crops is always honorable, but harvesting another group's crops is taboo whilst DP or

PW. Such raiding activity is not restricted in the code, but is cited by some deities as an abuse subject to divine punishment. I don't see reason

to distinguish the DW.

I believe then that DW should be able to harvest their own team's fields without concern of losing their protections to do so. Like DP, a DW wishing

to go raid or wanting to kill those raiders of their own fields have ethical and existing ways to address their status. I would think the manner and

effect of those acts would be akin to felling a stave.

Written by my hand on the 1st of Cloudburst, in the year 1203.