City enemies.

Rajj, The Reckoningto Everyone

I apologize for having to ask this here, but seeing as I don't belong to a city, I'm not quite sure how duellists work.

I think I talked with Genesis once about it but was never able to test it being a citizen.

If an enemy of a city enter that city, is there a way, that a duellist, can temporarily lose the duellist status, AT HIS CHOOSING, to fight said enemy, and then it returns after a certain time?

This is the life I've lead in Avalon since forever, defending my city. This world is built on, jumping and teaming someone if they are NOT their friend, and NOT DP, for NO reason whatsoever. I truly hate that and is why I chose duellist, so I could possible curtail that, and fight when I want, for my city, in defense of my city. *Laugh*

Yes I don't have a city to defend now, but if I did join one, are their options like that available? And what do you all think of having an ability like that?

Another topic to bring up. What do you all think of- after branding a duellist enemy while they are inside the city they are being enemied to, there is a slight delay, 5-10 seconds, before the branding becomes effective?

I bring this up to stop things happening like what happened to me. I was standing in Mercinae chatting with friends unprepped(As a duellist should be allowed). Foxedup sees this as an oppurtunity, and quickly enemies me, stabs me with dual mandrake, and finished me off while I sleep, then friends me again. I see this as clear abuse of a system, but nonetheless, I think a small delay would grant the duellist time to leave the city.

I think I have more topics, and I'll post em when I think of them. Also, summoning still works on duellists. *grin*

Written by my hand on the 4th of Paglost, in the year 1202.