My thoughts on Avalon.

Diocletian the Wayward Sailorto Everyone

So I just got back to the dorms from a frat party when I was a freshman, needless to say I overdid that one, and I just couldn't get to sleep, so I figured I'd check out if there was anything to cure my boredom on the internet. The internet at that time was a new experience for me so I just searched for games and came across a mud, not this one, and started playing. After a few months on that one, I found out that the host of that mud hosted a site called Mudconnector. Figured I'd check it out, and I s

till being relatively new to the internet clicked on the first banner I saw on that site, which was Avalon. Or at least I think it was, this is ten years ago after all.

Somewhat akin to Orielle, with the exception that I was born Mercinaen, I received little help as a newborn and wandered my way into the warriors guild and Parrius. The guild was under the mastery of Tanglong at the time, but it was filled with members such as Conan, Thorn, Fizzy and Weasal. Our first guild activity on the day I joined, having a felling party in the Springdale forests. Who could of thought felling virtual trees would be exciting, but as a newborn with axe and saw in hand, surrounded by

my guild elders in enemy lands, it was breathtaking.

These people took me under their wing and ultimately helped create my addiction that kept me up all hours of the morning farming fields and walking the miles to the post office to overnight my check for credits.

A few months later, after just barely getting into the swing of the combat system, Weasal thought it would be a good idea to teach his young apprentice another artform of Avalon. How to jump someone. So we chose a target, a young ranger whose name escapes me. I jumped them, Weasal following along giving advice and encouragement, but I didn't have the taste for it and let the ranger live. This is when I learned that actions have consequences in Avalon. The next day strolling along the highway, I found m

yself under attack and quickly subdued, not dead but poison locked as I found out later. Curious why the attacker didn't just end it, I saw a familiar face come into the room. It was the ranger I jumped. With his elder being the original attacker. The little ranger came and dealt the death blow.

Now to the point of the last few paragraphs. It is people like the Warriors guild of old and Blueskull, the ranger that poison locked me, that make this land intriguing, at least for me. Those that guide and teach the young, and also have their backs when unduely treated I feel are the core reason I and many have made this land our second homes. Yes, the combat system is brilliant and the politics are in depth, but unless the young can be guided and their interest kept until they can reach the point wh

ere the truely begin to come into their own, its all for naught. And that is why I respect people like Narissa and Alexandra and countless others whom truely keep this game alive.


Written by my hand on the 15th of Leaflost, in the year 1230.