Why I played... and play again.

Templar Taziusto Everyone

It is such a great question that Silva asked, and is one I am often asked by newborns to the land. One night, while sitting in front of my screen, in the big bad city where I could instead be out hooping and hollering and possibly killing much needed brain cells, it clarified for me.

Nothing is more powerful than imagination.

I came to this land during a very quiet time, the people in land were minimal but wow...I didnt need loads of people because I found this place to be HUGE. Each location with its own description, animals, thieves trying to kill me, monks, riverways, and ocean I couldnt figure out how to go drown in, a silly ass hill that everytime I tried going down I died, and orc that would not let me pass, and a tavern owner that always attacked me. It was basically, cool. But while text on the screen, I could \"see

\" it in my mind.

In rl, I have met many people, faced many obstacles and suffered pain and joy - not unlike anyone here I would assume. However, I came to find that while this is a \"fantasy\" land, there are some damn good people here. And some jerks - maybe... Some I would likely give a big hug to if I met in rl and others I would throw out a window... well, maybe not, but the thought might be there...wink.

I had to leave the land for a period of time and was terribly distressed by it. I missed my friends. Here I have made friends that I have never seen their face, and yet can say that I feel a closer bond then with those I may have went to school or worked with. I have laughed so hard tears have flowed, and tears did flow when I was told of a passing of a friend from here. Never met the man but here, and here he was and always will be my friend. I have loved and fought passionately here - successfully in

neither - but passionately just the same.

Relationships formed in RL from being in this world, and had hoped to attend a wedding of my friends but unfortunately could not. They still play today inland and I am happier for it. I have difficulty finding the time to call my friend from way back, but think nothing of calling scotland or the netherlands when a war was raging. So it was an easy choice for me to sub for life upon my return. For I know that while in rl I may grow older, the circumstances change I will always be young ( i mean, i am on

ly 140 here) will always have passion and hopefully a friendly face to \"see\".

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Mournsend, in the year 1229.