Avalon Online RPG - MUD Clients

We have tried to include here everything you might need to connect you to Avalon. Often, especially for those with little technical expertise, the greatest obstacle to playing Avalon is that first connection. To play Avalon you will need to select one of the clients we offer here.

Your client is the program you use to play Avalon. Connecting to Avalon should be relatively easy but depending on how familiar you are with this game, you should select your client carefully. Javalon is for beginners and offers the easiest connection, requiring NO computer expertise. Other options are for more advanced players. Take a read of the summaries we have included and make your selection.

For MUD client technical support, advice, scripts, or to have your questions answered by an expert, check out The Vale for latest developments.

Avalon-Only Clients

Connect to Avalon immediately using our Flash client "Lumiere". It is safe and secure and completely free to use. It requires no complicated registration or setup and is integrated with Avalon's game environment.

Connect to Avalon using our latest client, "Umbra". Umbra works well on mobile devices (particularly as an iOS or Android MUD client) or can be used in a browser in much the same fashion as any browser based RPG.

NOTE: please make sure you have Java/Javascript or Flash enabled on your web browser and e-mail Avalon Support should you need any help or encounter problems.


A highly flexible MUD client with many features and extensive scripting support. It is compatible with screen readers such as JAWS, which read text out loud and allow blind users to play MUDs.

Mobile Clients


A feature-rich iOS MUD client; it includes full ANSI colour and all the features of a full desktop client.


A generalized telnet client for the Android OS that supports MCCP, aliases, triggers and as many buttons as you can make.


A feature-rich MUD client for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It supports ANSI colors, custom buttons (macros), triggers, external keyboard, delay and repeat timers, recent command resend, multi-touch gestures including diagonal movement, and much more.

Other Clients

We maintain an open information page for MUD clients submitted and maintained by Avalon players. This list is by no means guaranteed accurate and should not be taken as a positive "recommendation" by Avalon. We do, on the other hand, ensure all listings are safe and secure for player download and use.


Connect via simple, no-frills telnet protocol supported by most web browsers and bundled with most operating systems. Telnet to: avalon-rpg.com 23.

WARNING: this method of playing has no support and no helpful functionality except direct display of what you see and sending what you type. It is advisable more as a way into Avalon to seek info on how to use one of the clients below, or if you have firewall circumvention problems. Avalon is available on ports: 23, 33, 443, 8080, and 8888.

advisory: JAVA and FLASH

Please ensure you have activated/check-boxed FULL Java support with Javascript enabled in your web browser if using Javalon (or indeed any Java-based MUD client). Many of the latest web browser versions are better suited to using our Flash client "Lumiere". The "Lumiere" Flash Client is designed to integrate closely with Avalon from the first moment of your character creation. You can use "Lumiere" right from Avalon's front-page. Click FLASH: LUMIERE CLIENT to return to the main page and use Flash "Lumiere" to start playing Avalon.

The Avalon Java client was designed in the mid-late 1992 and should prove compatible with most operating systems and setups. The Java client does NOT use any permanent space on your computer nor will you be vulnerable to accidental receipt of any virus or spyware from Avalon. We have taken great pains to keep our site and software free of such intrusions and continue to do so.

NOTE: both the Avalon Flash Client "Lumiere" and the Avalon Java Client "Javalon" include alias and macro support. Operating manual and in-game help interface are available once character creation is complete.