Warfare status: OFF.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

I thought I'd made a post about Warfare being switched off short-term

but obviously my connection being what it was at the time, it didn't

actually save and post.

So again: WARFARE has been switched off because of two very important

bugs being discovered, none of which are of the 'exploit-and-gain' type

but rather the 'destroy-the-world' kind. So had to do a switch off, as

I was in transit, 'til I had reached a settled point to devote the

few hours (potentially) required to fix, test and update. Hope nobody's

been missing it all too much.

STOP PRESS: further to the post above (which should've appeared a couple

of weeks ago) I am now at the settled point required and Warfare is being

attended to. It will be switched back ON very soon. I realise this

could be a big deal, depending on plans and whatnot, so would request

all Field Marshalls or Prince/ss or City Patrons to let me know ASAP

if there's any reason for postponing the \"switch on\" or - more likely -

whether they'd appreciate some days/up to a week 'notice' posted here

and publicly giving precise time and date for \"switch on\". That way

no-one is caught by surprise. So FMs, Princes, City Patrons: LET ME KNOW

else if I hear nothing I'll presume it doesn't matter and do the switch

on as soon as I've updated the bugfixes.

Written by my hand on the 11th of Springflower, in the year 1296.