Minor things.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

Some fixes: it is no longer possible under any circumstances to shoot

through locked/closed doors. LEGION INFO now shows against whom the

legion is engaged and gives a little data on 'range' and blockages

twixt legion and target. Remember the arc-of-sight with regard to

archers/bows and projectile mortar bombs when involved in ranged

combat. Home legions have lock/unlock privileges on homecity or

homeguild soil, i.e. a guild legion can be ordered to march

through a locked door in its guildhouse and it will unlock the

door, pass through and lock it behind; likewise a city legion on

city homesoil. It is not otherwise possible for legions to get through

closed/locked doors save by besieging - destroying them.

Numerous minor bugfixes are live, none of which were reported but

all involved idiosyncracies on the battlefield. You should all find

battles between legions rather more intuitive to predict, with

clever strategies rewarded as ever over panicked marshalling. Simple

example, to give you an idea and a warning: a legion fights far less

effectively when it is mid-way through changing direction-facing or

formation and so giving this order can be dangerous mid-melee. Stable,

confidently commanded legions fight better than anxious jittery ones.

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Paglost, in the year 1278.