Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

Along with the far more convenient group-pass-enlisting (i.e. you give one

pass to a group of enlistable men as shown in INFO HERE and all will come

when beckong), the unlimited barracks are henceforth ceased. Barracks will

now have 20,000 man limits - of infinite size no longer. Thus more

realistically if a city has an army of 150,000 it'll need eight barracks

to handle them. This may lend itself to organising barracks by legion


Although for the most part I'm not going to be altering warfare (bugfixes

aside) in its current form 'til eventual inclusion of the guild-specialist

legions -- and this is not going to happen very soon -- there are three

little additions/changes to look out for:

1. capability to increase or decrease city/guild military budget to

affect training speeds.

2. coastal seaworthy ships (like transports) to allow legions to be

taken over the sea, e.g. around the coasts. Don't worry about this

happening unexpectedly or providing easy way to bypass forts. When the

coast-going ships are brought in, city seawalls will automatically inherit

forts equivalent to the highest you have in your city.

3. rations and whatever other relevant military expenditure will be switched

back on, making it require a bit more prep to keep the army active out in

the field - rather than just being able to pop a thousand men miles away

and leave them there, merrily collecting tributes forever.

If anyone has any questions, don't be shy of asking me; and as always FEEDBACK


Written by my hand on the 10th of Ilmarael, in the year 1268.