Silverfalls Parrius Ceasefire.

Mirales of the Starsto Everyone

The following treaty is created on this day of Midwinter, 1309 between the City of Silverfalls and the City of Parrius.

Silverfalls will remove all legions from Eleuthera and Morganas Rise and the path between including the road leading south to Kristanisti, allowing Eleuthera and Morganas to remain in the hands of Parrius.

Parrius will allow Silverfalls to continue conquering Kristanisti and will allow them to flag the west road leading from Kristanisti to Nassau, as well as the village proper of Nassau and adjacent fields.

Silverfalls will give Parrius 12k men over 10 years, 4k to be delivered immediately within the next Avalon month.

Huorns will not be used in soi warfare between Parrius and Silverfalls for the length of this treaty and beyond, unless the environment in Avalon warrants a re-negotiation on this point --skills change, forest change, etc. to be determined worthy of renegotiation by both city patrons.

Achelous will not be allowed to march Silverfallian legions on behalf of Silverfalls during aggression against Parrius or it's influence for the same length of time as huorns are banned.

There will be no warfare between Silverfalls and Parrius, or any of those cities guild legions, during the length of the treaty including soi aggression.

This treaty will go into effect after being agreed to by the Silverfalls Field Marshall, Dankus, and the Parrian Field Marshall, Caine.

Written by my hand on the 27th of Midwinter, in the year 1309.