Thakria - Mercinae treaty, 1265-1290.

Thanatos, god of Deathto Everyone

The full and complete terms for treaty of Thakria and Mercinae, 1265.


i. The treaty will carry a term of 25 Avalon years. Expiring on 31st of Agamnion, 1290. Upon expiration the treaty will be reviewed for amendments, extension or termination.


i. Thakria and Mercinae agree to a military cease fire for the duration of this treaty.


i. Thakria will have complete sphere of influence and flag all locations commencing north of the Mercinaen Northern Gate all the way to Thakria and anything in between, including surrounding areas. (Commencing and including from \"Within the courtyard of the gate\")

ii. Thakria will not aggressively march upon Mercinaen city soil or Mercinae's SOI control over Marshton with intent to harm or conquer.


i. No Mercinaen City or Guild troops will be permitted to march on locations with Thakrian flags unless Thakria is consulted and Thakria approves such an action.

ii. Mercinae agrees to allow Thakrian troops (and Guild troops associated with Thakria) to march on any location flagged by Mercinae.

iii. NO other foreign troops will be permitted to march INTO Mercinae for the duration of this treaty, excluding those actions already bound by the treaty in place between Mercinae and Parrius (where Mercinae may accept an offer of assistance should conflict towards Mercinae be realised).

iv. Mercinae will NOT allow foreign troops access to their city that will cause harm to Thakria.


i. Mercinae will not interfere in the ploughing, planting, and/or harvesting of ANY field marked by Thakria's flag for the duration of this treaty. Likewise, Thakria will not interfere in the ploughing, planting, and/or harvesting of ANY fields marked by Mercinae's flag for the duration of this treaty.

ii. Mercinae will not interfere with Thakrian enlistment of men, in any manifestation (killing, bribery, etc). Likewise, Thakria will not interfere with Mercinaen enlistment of men, in any manifestation (killing, bribery, etc).


i. Mercinae City and Mercinaen Guilds will not interfere with any Thakrian affair involving Springdale; be it military or through mortal ability of any kind.

ii. The cities of Thakria and Mercinae and their related guilds will not engage in any warfare related offensives between each other, nor aide another city in any warfare related offensive against the other by supplying troops, commodities or rations - be it as a gift or through trade.


i. Mercinae will give a total of 20,000 Oil to Thakria. 5,000 Oil shall be given upon the exact signing of this treaty. Then: 1,000 Oil shall be given every Avalon year for 5 years. Then: 2,000 Oil shall be given every Avalon year for 5 years.

ii. Mercinae, and the Alchemists, will hand over to complete Thakrian control the following troops of the Alchemists guilds, including all their current held possessions within 1 Avalonian year of signing the Treaty: legions \"bees1\" (500 strong), \"def4c\" (500 strong), \"def4d\" (250 strong), \"def4e\" (250 strong), \"def4f\" (177 strong), \"support1\" (250 strong), \"fight2\" (250 strong), and \"def1a\" (1,500 strong). Totalling 3,677.


i. A baronial seat on the Mercinaen council, along with full military privileges, will be appointed by Thanatos, god of Death, at all times during this treaty - a position only changeable by Thanatos, god of Death as he deems fit. This appointee will have a fundamental duty to help in the building of Mercinae's growth as a true sustainable city of greatness.


i. Should this Treaty be broken in any form, both Cities (through their council or individual positions of authority) have an immediate duty to arrange and conclude compensation from the intruder within one Avalonian month amicably. Failure to do so will grant Thanatos, god of Death to do as he wishes; where all city assets/belongings and all properties within City walls, including all citizenry and their belongings, military and guild halls from the offending City, are His to do as He pleases in order

to pass ruling upon. Once judgement is served, the Treaty will continue as usual unless deemed void by Thanatos, god of Death.

This concludes the terms of the Treaty.

Signed and ratified on behalf of Thakria by

Divine Patron of the City of Thakria:

Thanatos, god of Death.

Council Members:

Baron Achelous (and Chancellor, and Guildmaster of the Loremasters),

Baroness Sonja (and Field Marshall, and Guildmistress of the Warlocks),

Baron Trakea,

Baron Zooka (and Minister for Justice),

Minister for Foreign Affairs; Parallax (and Guildmaster of the Cavaliers).

and on behalf of Mercinae by

Divine Regent for the City of Mercinae:

Aethon, the Sun-God.

Council Members:

Baroness Clara, Princess of Mercinae,

Baron Alarius,

Baron Saryum (and Minister for Justice),

Baron Kargul (and Minister for Trade).

Written by my hand on the 21st of Eleuthral, in the year 1265.