Treaty between Thakria and Parrius, 1083.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

The duration of this treaty is 15 (Avalon) years. Expires in 1098.

Thakria will withdraw all troops from within the City walls of Parrius within

2 (avalon) years of signing the treaty.

Astrologers will not far bond or far attack into Thakrian city limits for the

duration of the treaty.

Parrian citizens will not fell staves, or assist in the felling of staves

within Thakrian city limits.

The cities of Parrius and Thakria and their related guilds will not engage in

any warfare related offensives between each other, nor aide another city in

any warfare related offensive against the other by supplying troops,

commodities or rations.

The institgator of this invasion, Cordon, will be removed from the City, and

not allowed to return to Parrius or it's Guilds for the duration of the

treaty, and never again be permitted to hold a position of office within the


Noone who has held citizenship of Mercinae, for whatever duration, after or

including the year 1075 will be granted citizenship of Parrius for the

duration of this treaty. Those unfortunate enough to have been born into

Mercinae after the year 1081 ar e excluded from this.

For the duration of the treaty, no Parrian will interfere with any harvest in

fields flying the Thakrian flag. In return, no Thakrian will interfere with

any harvest in fields flying the Parrian flag.

Parrian fortifications will remain down until Thakrian troops have left

Parrian city limits, and no resistance will be made to the Thakrian armies


Parrian enemy status will be removed from all active Thakrians as a sign of

goodwill, and only restored should the citizen in question attack a Parrian

within Parrian city limits. This same compensation shall be made to Parrian

citizens, other than Co rdon. This does not apply to personal enemy lists.

The City of Parrius will provide Thakria with the following payments:

3 million gold pieces, 15000 Rations, 4000 Balsa, 2000 Rope, 100 Leather.

500 of the following: Iron, Silver, Copper, Tin, Adamant, Yarriol, Animals,


These payments will be met within 2 (Avalon) years of signing the Treaty.

Ratified on behalf of their cities by Zheredan of Parrius and Ender of Thakria.

Written by my hand in the year 1087.