Attacking Pacifists.

Brightstar Leporidae, Bunny-Eared Healerto Everyone

By now, I'm sure everyone knows this, but I want to make sure. Being a PW doesn't automatically mean you will never be attacked or even killed. I have been struck by ethereal lightning 4 times through the past couple of years while wearing the mantle and killed.

I have embraced the mantle again, not because of automatic immunity from attacks, which as I said, happen now to PWs and even DPs and Lws, but because at least the cccs don't attack as you go about avalon.

But not only because of that. I truly do not wish to fight. Period. Defend my self with runes, charms, potions, items, herbs, and my skills yes, but I don't fight.

I will never make this clear to those who wish me and my guild dead, but I don't even want to hurt them. If they attack my forests, now that's different, but me personally, that's what they do. They are unenlighted creautre of hate.

So just remember, there are those in Avalon now who will attack and try to kill and rob you. Use what defences you can summon and don't take your Mantle for granted, because it is not impervious to all attacks. At least the ability for enemies to attack in the bb <as I was last night> has been eliminated.

Praise Life, Peace and Mischief!

Written by my hand on the 27th of Midwinter, in the year 1256.