Wyldefyreto Everyone

Pacifists are free to live their life answering only to themselves, their Patron, Their City and their Guild. We do not answer to other Pacifists.


We do not use our protection to steal crops, become involved in battle directly, yet we may supply comms, make rations and scout.

Out of respect for the Lord of Compassion and the Lords and Ladies of Life, we do not use our protection to invade others fields and steal their harvest. Blame us not for the turmoil which now engulfs you. If you learn to accept that life in this land is ever changing and embrace fate, then others will start to see a change in you and these dark days will pass. I for one always believe people can change and are deserving of a second chance. Quell your anger, and try to find for yourself what you tr

uly wish from the alnd.

I for one, wish for a scribe to help me with my postings :) Be well Brother. Not everyone is judgemental in this land

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Mournsend, in the year 1148.