A Special of the Avalon Echo: 26th Anniversary and All Hallows Weekend Edition

Elmaethor, god of the starsto Everyone

The 'Avalon Echo' will be out on November 11th with an extended edition but we felt people should be given a heads-up...

Avalon celebrates its twenty-sixth anniversary - it is the longest running online game in history and to mark the date, ALL purchases will be 50% off for ONE DAY ONLY: October 28th</b>. That's today, folks.

All Souls Weekend (Oct 31-Nov 1st) will see a free-for-all release of grotesque powerful shapes and transformations accessible to everyone! Death this weekend opens a gateway to resurrection in one of dozens of forms including dragons, vampires, pumpkins, giant serpents, rivers, gorgons, harpies, poltergeists. See HELP ALLHALLOWS for details!

It is anticipated that the release of these dread creatures may threaten the safety of the realm. The science of civilised man must turn back the tide. It is lucky the Black Galleon is due in port with a cargo fit for the purpose: muskets and cannon and powder enough to fell Mount Sapience...

The dogs of war are loosed again! Parrius invades Silverfallian territory and breaks their occupation of Nassau and Morgana's Rise. Silverfalls must strike down the Parrian legions else its occupied land will stretch to their very walls. Mercinae clash with Thakria in the Steppes over Dundalk and Iona. Most shocking of all, Sajora takes the mighty tree legions into battle, eschewing sylvan neutrality to slaughter two thousand Thakrian fort constructors in Eleusis. All are stunned by the audacious strike but how will Thakria retaliate?

A moot of the sylvan folk with Sylvanus, god of the earth, ended in agreement to keep Herbs and Poisons exclusive to the native professions.

For those fastidious about their dates: October 28th is Avalon's \"official\" birthday as this was when it went online to the general public. The closest weekend is Halloween and All Souls Eve so we decided to have a little gothic fun. October 11th is Avalon's \"naming\" day, when the pre-game from which it evolved was first named Avalon and a grand total of THREE players filled the world. November 11th is the start of days - 1st Midwinter 800 - and the start of Avalon's continuity. There was nothing like it back then. Some say there's nothing like it today. It may be a double-edged compliment!

Be that as it may, two hundred and twelve thousand nine hundred and sixty two hours later, we've had the most remarkable year since the silver anniversary and the last ordination. Look out for the next full edition of the ECHO coming your way November 11th.

Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 5th of Agamnion, in the year 1389.