The Divine Heraldto Everyone


It was always the intention to have an Ordination and to make one or two divine appointments of High God stature - public, pantheon-blessed and bestowed on a mortal whose worth has been proven over many years and whose excellent credentials are beyond question. It is undecided whether there will be one or two but the first and foremost appointment has been chosen.

The honour falls to Elmak, contender, paradigm Ranger and for some years one of Avalon's foremost mortals.

He has been a presence in the land for over a decade and has been at the top of his profession for more than half this time. He has competed in countless gem quests and in fact was victorious in the sapphire battlesands - same format as the forthcoming amber quest - placing himself as an Ordainable level, at the top of the contenders list alongside Salvador. I have no doubt a sigh of relief will be breathed by aspirants for the Ordination that one of the most formidable of opponents shall be ascending to godhood without having to fight it out with the other contenders.

The ceremony of appointment will take place at the Rock Pinnacle on Saturday at around 10PM UK time (5pm EST) on October 4th - so in around a week and a half. The appointment was chosen by me but will require ratification by all attending Gods and Goddess, right of veto being extended to any member of the pantheon since this is a High God appointment and not a \"trial period\" or \"filling another's shoes\" probationary divinity. The public appointment last honoured Tyranis (from Zenichiro the Loremaster) and other deities who've shared this permanent and full-powered divine apotheosis include Proteus, Aldaron, Cornelius, Xanthe and Apollo. Some no doubt will be present to bless Elmak before he ascends. None, I hope, will exercise their right of veto.

Be in attendance on SATURDAY 4TH OCTOBER at 10PM GMT (5pm EST) to bear witness to the historical event and enjoy the privilege of being part of Avalon history: witness to Elmak's apotheosis and the ascension of the first God in Avalon's history to claim the vast Earth realm as his own.