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Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

Fixes to problems encountered by many of you are now complete and - we are informed - the upgrade to MEETPLACE.NET has been carried out successfully.

The upgrade allows us to expand the forums in various interesting ways, like the real-time chat (video option included) we've switched on so \"mutual friends\" can use a facility somewhat similar to instant messenger services.

We will be bringing in more features for MEETPLACE.NET in the coming weeks and are in the process of collating copious volumes of material from Avalon's long history; integrating social media and all that malarky.

Most important addition, however, coming this weekend will be the addition of a special forum for each profession.

These profession-only forums will have posted all relevant updates sifted from the UPDATES file - as well as many we couldn't make public so as not to give away info others shouldn't know. Outstanding bugs and issues filed through Avalon or brought to our attention will also be posted so you can keep abreast of what is being fixed; what amendments to expect; what has been omitted (so you can BUG it on Avalon or make a post to alert us).

Perhaps most important, details of the forthcoming \"completion\" additions for each profession will be published as per the design spec laid down a good while ago - filling the gaps in current skills and specialisations. This will allow time to comment, suggest and evolve the specifications to (hopefully) address unwanted weakpoints in a profession's repertoire.

Access will be only by invitation for verified elders/respected members of the profession.

It won't be necessary to be active in Avalon to contribute to the profession forums. All posts on MEETPLACE.NET will be read through and everything constructive will be answered as this intensive period of Avalon \"fix-and-finish\" continues. We are fast approaching the 25th anniversary!

p.s. please make sure your avatars are restored if lost in the mix. They won't be lost again. If you have any technical issues or require access to a forum you're unable to use, e-mail:

Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 18th of Midwinter, in the year 1360.