Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

Many have asked already whether the Avalon language or coding for Avalon itself is part of the tutorials and the answer is NO. Avalon is written in an evolution of the Hourglass language and is by no means a professional looking or useful skill except insofar as programming (as opposed to, say, scripting) techniques are universal.

The tutorials are in industry standard programming languages (C, C++, Flash, Java), MySQL, package managers (RubyGems, PEAR, Python), and website creation/applications (e.g. HTML 5. x, CSS 3. x, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, PHP 5. x, Python). If the words AJAX, Frameworks JQuery Prototye, Mootools and shorthand languages like SASS, HAML, SCSS mean anything to you then you're going to do well in interview. This is all double dutch to me, frankly so if you want to know more about any of those words, look on the web!

There WILL be employment offered (but not mandatory) for those who prove the best of the bunch in the tutorials and possibly more. Those involved will receive a list of projects they might be involved with, two thirds have Avalon connection, a third do not. We would like something back for our investment so small projects will be part of the learning processes. If you want more details e-mail to as I can't field all questions in game.

Sebastian is Avalon's coder, Archimedes the administrative boss, Samaritan [at present] in charge of new player help and what not. Agamemnon has the unique Divine Judge role and Nicodemus accounting and subscriber/financial liason. We have scope for one, maybe two marketing or innovative OOC/website developers and sysadmin for Avalon and other games. This is quite separate, however, so don't put your name forward hoping to become Avalon's next coder! This is not, at this moment in time, on the table.

Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 22nd of Midsummer, in the year 1347.