Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

In the case of the SECOND phase, there will be a number of individual

sessions, a number of guild or city sessions and the remainder sessions to

which the entire profession is invited - whether a player is currently active

or not. This phase will interest all of those with an interest in the

Avalon gamesystem as a whole, and I will be in a singularly open

mindset re: the proliferation of knowledge.

The SECOND PHASE of sessions will be dealing with perceived imbalances,

incomplete abilities, underused/unused abilities, omissions and additions

and ideas.

All are welcome to book sessions in the second phase, whether you're an

active player right now or not. Use SESSION REQUEST <time/date/info>

in Avalon or send an e-mail direct to to book

your slot. All disingenuous players (present, or past) heartily


Written by my hand on the 6th of Midwinter, in the year 1303.