Battle isle quest.

Loki, the god of fireto Everyone

Avalonians! Having recently awoken from a divine slumber I am of a mind to kindle a few sparks amongst you mortals. With this in mind I will be running a quest on SATURDAY 10th SEPTEMBER at 10pm by the Avalon clock.

The quest will be on the battle isle and will be an opportunity for anyone - regardless of size or experience - to obtain or brush up on valuable skills without the crushing pressure of a divine gem being at stake. Protection, pacifism, ddw and any other such status can be temporarily suspended for those who wish to play, and restore as soon as the quest is over.

Prizes will be desirable artifacts, though I'd hope this would be secondary to the glory of winning. We'll be using sands and sandsquest formats (for those who know this type of quest) similar to the gemquest weekends run by Thanatos and Aethon a few months ago - wherein I'm told the quality of competition was very high indeed from players young and old.

To remind: 10PM on SATURDAY 10th SEPTEMBER for the quest-start. All welcome.

For the avaricious dregs amongst you, the prizes will be appropriately powerful.

Loki, the god of fire