Realmpowers and the Faer Battleground.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

On Saturday Janury 23rd 2010 (tomorrow) the curtain will rise on the

faer battleground - the divine realms will be brought live, the

Song of Creation rendered real and the notion of realmconflict

between the Gods will become a major facet of Avalon. The land, it

is likely, will be forever changed. While a glimpse of a modest

Sun realmpower was given yesterday, the faer battleground will

be opened with a glimpse of a counterpoint realmpower from the

Life realm (a power benign, altruistic, of benefit to mortalkind).

These will be the only insights given. All else is a matter for

the Gods, their divine Orders and the respective realms; not even

the deities will have full insight into one another's private


Thus could tomorrow, timed for the Avalon New Year 1252 years after the

original Divine War, witness the first tentative steps in the direction

of the second...

Written by my hand on the 13th of Agamnion, in the year 1251.