The Avalon Store.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

Avalon has a new store, accessible to all and sundry, for the purchase of

realworld products relating to the land. The centrepiece of this is the

Great Twentieth Anniversary Tome - a huge collectors book, bound and

printed in 'old style' (aiming for vellum, embossed titling, high quality

item). This is known by the product title: \"greatbook\".

To enter the Avalon store you type PROCURE FROM STORE. This will then list

out the items available. You can then type, for instance, GREATBOOK and

you'll get a detailed description of the product. Then, if you wish to pre

order this product, or buy immediately (if the publication date has

past) type PURCHASE GREATBOOK. See HELP STORE for the most up-to-date

information about the store and how to use it.

NOTE: we are taking preorders for the anniversay tome from this week,

publication date timed to coincide with the land's 20th anniversary in

early October. Current price is 50 UK pounds. We're not aiming to make

profit from these books and the prepurchase price will stay at 50 pounds

until the end of this month. After September 1st I suspect it will go up

some, since I've just received a quotation on some of the more rare but

superb binding/production options and although we'll be passing the

book on at cost, we're going to try to ensure this is a tome of biblical

proportions! Feel free to have a look at the detailed blurb, and remember

there are possibilities for you to have your own contributions included before

the final first edition deadline of September 30th. Enjoy!

Written by my hand on the 27th of Agamnion, in the year 1241.