Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

The first phase of warfare testing, on the real battlefield, is to commence

over the coming week and will continue to be tested - smaller scale - until

sometime after the New Year. This test period will be used to ensure

everything is working well, balancing nicely and gradually to layer more

and more subtleties/specialist skills onto the warfare system. After the

New Year and once I'm happy with the performance of warfare as a whole we

will have a one-off fullscale world war. This can involve everyone and I hope

will involve everyone. There is NO substitute for firsthand experience.

After the worldwar, all losses will be restored, all equipment used will be

returned to its original legions. Everything will be as it was before

any battletesting, with your legions holding their training and their

inventories etc... ready and waiting for the dreaded day when Avalon

will once again thunder to the footfalls of a hundred thousand soldiers

marching to meet their fates.

See my public BB posting message 24823 for a little more detail on the

proposed skirmishes and battletesting over the next two weeks, leading up

to the test worldwar. Rest assured, though, that taking part will onliy

advantage you. Nothing will be lost and you stand only to gain essential

insight into the real ebb and flow of the battlefield etc. There is no


Written by my hand on the 11th of Paglost, in the year 1225.