You have proved nothing except how foul your mouth is and how immature and uncapable of having a decent discussion. I will not resort to your childish name calling tantrums I am far above that. However I will respond to the ask my citizens. I have

asked my citizens. I have spoken to both siegfried and the other person. In the other persons case it was a misunderstanding on his part and won't happen again. As for Siegfried he did put his foot in his mouth and has been given his warning to lea

ve lw's alone and not convince them to lose protection or else he will face more severe consequences from the city.

Thakrians bully people yes. We attack smaller people. However I will say it again Thakrians do not kill LWs. We have bullied you for years Kes and driven you insane and incapable of helping your city or defending your citizens. That is what an evi

l city does it puts terror in the hearts of its enemies and incapacitates them. We have accomplished this time and time again. We do not deny it and we actually reveal in it. However no established Thakrian attacks lw. On occasion some younger pla

yers get the wrong idea and do so and they are talked to about the error of their ways as all of us were for dumb things we did as young. I thank to more mature Avalonians who brought my younger citizens indiscretions to my attention and it has been

dealt with. Please feel free to contact me again if they just took my words in one ear and it went out the other. This is not an invite for you to talk to me though Kes I will hear no complaint from your mouth until you learn to talk in a civilized

manner and grow up.


Written by my hand on the 12th of Leaflost, in the year 1012.