Thakrians killing lws.

The Honourless Scoundrel, Lord Plaman Prince of Thievesto Everyone

I am tired of hearing this being the war cry of what we Thakrians affectionatly call the huggy cities. Thakrians do kill smaller players yes, we are evil it happens. However we do not malicously seek out to kill lws as this is just destructive to ga

me atmosphere. Just recently it has been brought to my attention some smaller Thakrians who had been tricking 1 day old lws into losing protection for an easy kill. I am addressing this matter and plan to see it corrected and have them realize their

mistake. Otherwise I have not been told of any other incidents instead just broad generalizations and shouts about Thakrians killing lws when the names I see in my scroll are either not lw or the player doing the killing is an lw also fighting his p

eer. It is about time to stop shouting out your lame ass propeganda and let me and the barony know about Thakrian indiscretion into killing lws.

Frankly if you all were honest and Thakrians always killed newbies and lws we would see alot more of us being zapped and punished by the gods as they watch the young and have punished those who pick on them.

Thank you


Written by my hand on the 27th of Hindyear, in the year 1012.