Sir Jander, Pillar of Mercinaeto Lord Cimares

A few points to make sir on your misunderstanding:

I challenged Siegfried and the blow I killed him with was not a cleave, it was a series of blows I am sure you know as the jabjab.

2) I do not consider him a novice as he has been in this land for twice as long as I have. Just look at our HELP files.

3) Yes I offered him, something that I learnt from many of you Thakrian bigger players.

I do not mind being jumped and the attempt of a strip that you and Jhor immediately tried. Everyday atleast a couple of you bigger Thaks tries to do it to me, I have become hardened to it. But I do not appreciate you the likes of you or most Thaks

calling me inhonourable, as you do not truely understand the meaning of the word.

I have never jumped a novice, something I am sure you cannot claim.

Good day sir!

Written by my hand on the 12th of Hindyear, in the year 1012.