Ritual Intelligence.

Magellan, the god of civilisationto Kal Zakath

You are obviously an intelligent person, as any stupid person would know

that you do not fight a mage in their own rituals willingly.

Issuing a challenge is merely public announcement of your intention to

kill somebody. Not how you will kill them. Not where you will kill them,

just that you'd prefer them dead by your hand in the immediate future.

A mutual challenge is an honourable duel to the amongst the two willing

participants, although winning takes priority over honour in most cases.

There is nothing wrong with refusing to fight in certain locations either. This means the fighting will have to happen somewhere else. If you have a

problem with someone elses fighting style, you take it up with them,

in private. There is no need to air your greviances to everyone else

in Avalon, we just don't care.

Written by my hand on the 17th of Leaflost, in the year 1010.