and Aerian, the dipstick brothers.

Culinane, Centenarianto Kal Zakath

Zakath, your post contained two obvious errors. First the word \"post's\" should have been \"posts\". Second, \"grammer\" is correctly spelled \"grammar\". Congratulations for identifying yourself as a dipstick.

Aerian, as to your incoherent mutterings, I point out the following. You challenged me, then went straight to Astrea's Delta and sat at the Stoney Beach below a line of staves. Your tactic is simply to splash with levitation potion, lorerobe alkar and

watch your enemy float away. I assume this makes you believe you are somehow competent. It really is a bit like challenging in the old days then standing next to a fort and shouting about it. Anyway, I stood at path entrance for a goodly while, await

ing you to come make good on your challenge. Shockingly, you did not.

I could spend some time talking about how that reminds me of someone making a challenge in the old days and then standing next to a fort and shouting at their opponent to come get some, or I could point out that a truly competent loremaster actually m

oves and resets staves during battle, but both points are likely lost on you.

At the end of the day, the fact is I can stand at Path Entrance or, for that matter, the Centre of Thakria Square, secure in the knowledge that if either of you two bozos came to try to kill me, without teaming me, it is you who would be riding the sh


Written by my hand on the 17th of Hindyear, in the year 1010.