Giliad Silverhandto Evil Aerian, Gateway to Hell

What an interesting idea Aerian..... being able to use ones skills in a fight, how novel!

Before you post next time, perhaps you should check with your city mates on thier feeling.....

Many of your city brothers consider it highly wrong for Mages to use two man rits, but wait, since you think it is wrong NOT to use skillsets to thier fullest extent, I guess you won't mind next time a Wizard fries you with Armadeggon.

And those Dastardly Bards, who have to have a supporting bard to use nearly all of thier upper level skills, well, I'm sure they will appreciate you backing them up next time a Thak is killed by a two man song.

Its all circular, Aerian, you can't whine to people about using your skillsets without agreeing that all others should have the same chance yo use thiers...can you?


Written by my hand on the 8th of Midsummer, in the year 1010.