I think the point is being missed here. Thakrians are not necisarily complaining about the teaming since as far as I know I have been teamed by the likes of Allanon and his goons to any hoard of rangers that can pull together to mages from the 3 othe

r cities in avrits with about 5 knights with them. I think the point being is Thakrians are tired of the blaatant biased lies that we are the only ones that team and the other 3 cities are goody toe shoes. Yes Thakrians team and a large part of it i

s to survive the constant onslaught of 3 cities and throughout history with some ups and downs Thakria has done a damn fine job fighting 3 cities and staying very competitive and at the top at times. So you all get off your high horses and realize yo

u are no better then us we just use the citizens from 1 city when you have 3!!!!!!

Love me!!!!



Written by my hand on the 16th of Cloudburst, in the year 1004.