Explain something to me.

Ok most of you skip this as this is directly to kailor and probably a waste of most of your times.

Ok you jumped me. I moved away to cure up, only 2 locations you failed to follow going straight to trees. I then issue a challenge you start shouting about cowardly thakrians running from you yet stay in the tree shouting and degarading me(which I t

ypically ignore or answer back with equally stupid degrading comments). I continually ask for the fight but you carry on like you won something and actually beat me while I was freely roaming the land and you sat in the tree. And no zeni threap nor

arthor were on to come jump you if you came to fight. The again yesterday I challenge and sajora has to ask me(rather impolitly) to leave you alone. Please explain to me again who is the coward? And either put up or shut up.

As I said the rest of you ignore this and I don't wanna hear well this thakrian does this or such and such as I am talking specifically to Kailor to help me understand his thought process.


Written by my hand on the 6th of Cloudburst, in the year 1004.