I humbly apologise for ruining your evening by making you qq as a response to what I realise now was a very unreasonable request.

I asked if you fancied breaking the habit of a lifetime and come off DP. I did not understand how sensitive and fragile you are. Obviously the request scared the **** out of you forcing you to panic and type quit.

I hope my simple request did not give you nightmares. It does however beg the question why you were posting on the FIGHTERS bb regarding a cavalier. I guess your ill informed rantings about Gwen were due to

madness brought on by being scared of your own shadow.

Next time I see you I'll hide my scary swords and simply give you a big hug, and perhaps give you some flowers to press or something. (What do people under DP find to do with their time?)

Hugs and squidgy Kisses


Written by my hand on the 12th of Ilmarael, in the year 1003.