Regarding your public post, I've only once attacked you immediately after you've

completed a challenge, that being your challenge with Culinane. My reasons for

this are numerous, namely that you promptly challenged Culinane when I was a

mere few locations away (no, I'm not accusing you of challenging because I was

in your city. you may or may not have known). Second, you have a habit of making

challenges with me, then going off and attacking my younger citizens or

guildmembers, so your challenges I don't overly respect. Lastly, I may sit in

rituals or what not while challenging, but I do leave my city, and I don't tote

city or guild CCC's with me as you are fond of doing (I've fought you a number

of times in challenge when you've brought Hecritor or others along).

However, as I said, this was a one time occurrence. I was promptly reprimanded

by Culinane for my actions and stopped my attack. I post this only to give my

side of the story. I'm tired of being expected to be honourable. If there's one

thing I've learned from fighting you and other Thakrians over the years, it's

that dirty fighting isn't that at all. It's merely tipping the odds in your


Fare thee well and tempt not the Fates,


Written by my hand on the 5th of Ilmarael, in the year 995.