just had to.

Just Weasalto Everyone

Post that it! Arthor's controlling ego forces him to post back or get his bubbe burst, and shooting fish in a barrel just gives me a sadistic pleasure.

I've been around for longer than you arthor, and others longer than me and twisting the facts in a post is common. For the discerning reader (but why you are here is beyond me) it goes a little like this.

Arthor kills kilthas when we are chatting, i don't interfere, then he runs off and kills Gand, i do not interfere. He then tries to follow gand into SD where Jebaman kills him all by his lonesome. When he comes back, i decided \"why not\" and went for i

t. At one point there was myself, feros, kilthas, Jared and Gand - but we mostly chatted.

Thus, Arthor spends his time in the pool or avoiding us (wisely) so we enter Thak (jared, Kilthas and me) and bait the 'bear'. Shakal was with you at all times, and yet you resorted to hiding and name calling. Fine! We all do that, but you ended up le

ading Periam and Hecritor with you! THAT is something NO self respecting Thak would do, but everyone knows your just a cardboard cutout, displaying muscles but with no brains or character.

Why, do people hate you so much? Not cos you are an 'evil' man, not because you kill them (everyone gets killed) it is quite simply because you are a boring little man.

Bend the truth, let insults flow, but i am what i claim to be Just me.


Written by my hand on the 26th of Paglost, in the year 995.