my name.

Sir Kes the Flashing Bladeto Zakath

Keep me out of this Zakath, since your tactics at fighting are these.

You come into Mercinae, set rits up in a place with one exit, like that upper landing place.

You also put ankh runes everywhere so that we lose diffusion so that you can summon us into your rits.

You then when I don't fall for this enlist seth, to yank me out or girdle me so that I have to roll

and lose diffusion.

When none of these work you try to get Trident and weasal in on it.

When none of these work, you finally come for me and fall into kilthas's rits and die.

The moral of this story is that two people can play at your game, and yes it works Zakath.




Written by my hand on the 25th of Springflower, in the year 995.