Ummm....... what?.

Giliad Silverhandto Sir Arthor, Scion of Darkness


Being an ignorant Springdalian Bard, I am a bit confused.....

play lute

You demean myself and my Order of Sun and Moon members for celebrating our victories over the Black Sun, yet you pat yourself on the back for beating Culinane.

play lute

To my knowledge, since the fight to keep the foul Sun dead began, we have yet to lose a single fighter to the ugly thing, whereas my honorable guildbrother has kicked your arse many times over the years.....

play lute

You know, my reasoning may be flawed, but it seems we are the ones who have a right to celebrate, while you might consider a quiet celebration somewhere in the depths of Thakria where Culinane can come and get you for you arrogance.

Of course, that just my opinion

I could be wrong.

You always willing Jump-target,

Giliad Silverhand

Written by my hand on the 4th of Cloudburst, in the year 994.