Well Dartanian

Zeni hit me right after you left. Then he challenged. Then you killed me during our challenge. It's team tactics even if you're not hitting me at once.

On the subject of learning, I did learn plenty from our little scrap. I don't claim to be very good, which you may have noted in my last post.

I never claimed that it was because of my cleverness that you died, only your own foolishness.

Appears we both have something to learn. And if I wasn't \"Worth It\", Dartanian, then why is Threap portalling to me, and Plaman challenging me?

Apparently you, and they, disagree as to whether I'm worth jumping and teaming (whether you call it that or not).

Your deeds and those of your compatriots belie your words, Prince.

Written by my hand on the 7th of Midwinter, in the year 992.