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Well well dartanian getting shipped twice in your own guild and never coming out, your a right one to talk.

Beating you in challenges arthor I have done just recently.

Cimares why don't you go play with the traffic or your dads razor blade. For someone who never fights or

even show's his face your a right one to talk about stuff you know nothing about.

I will protect Haluc and continually raid your guild and stores and eventually burn your city down.

Come face me Arthor, spreading darkness, no more, this ends now.

Dartanian if you don't like the treatment you are about to get, leave the game.

Arthor how is it you run and hide and quit the moment a mage comes on line that stands with me.

Cowards seem to rune deep within all your families, at least I'm still here and I know that the constant

attacks will eventually be turne back and Thakria will burn with Vengeance as Arthor has said.

Written by my hand on the 9th of Agamnion, in the year 991.