Even though I am gone...

Culinaneto Zakath the Blood-Red Vengeance

I had a chance to read your posts, and, since my departure, they are one of the few things which has given me a cause to smile.

You are mistaken that I am complaining when it comes to you bringing Hecritor or Kirstiana or both along for the ride when you fight. I have happily fiught you when you had both of them in your hip pocket. I did not bring it up here as a complaint,

but merely to underline your ineptitude as a fighter. I remain astonished that you hold yor self out to the citizens of Thakria as some ideal for which they should strive in terms of protecting the city when, in fact, all you do is attempt to summon

an interloper into your rituals, and when that fails, you hightail it for your barracks, Hecritor or no.

You could learn a great deal from the likes of Cordon who fights regardless (he is a lion despite his citizenship and is worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as the likes of Eadwig or Regor) or even the rather squishy Sautoir who has done his

utmost to drive me from Thakria while you sat twiddling your thumbs or another equally minute appendage in your safe-room.

Zakath, the tools I bring to a fight are tools I have earnedor are based on my skills. Neither Hecritor or Kirstiana fits the bill for you, but bring them nonetheless. I am almost inspired to come beck just to wipe the floor with you. I have walked

straight into your rituals in Mercinae and killed you before you pilled out to your shop and slammed the door into the storeroom behind you. I have stood outside your storeroom in Thakria waiting for you to stick your head out. Actions will continu

e to speak louder than words, old friend. I have been able to back up my words with my actions. It was you who said you would not rely on ccc's when you got your ultimates and it was you who continued to do so nonetheless. Go figure.

Culinane, who actually misses you

PS this post is dedicated to panamon, who always had a good laugh when I teased Zak on this board

Written by my hand on the 27th of Mournsend, in the year 990.