First you used to drag Kirstiana wherever you went, saying you would stop doing it when you got ultimate rituals. Then when you got ultimate rituals, you said there was no point fighting until you got ultimate candescence. Now you have both. Why is

it then, when you challenge me, you refuse to leave Thakria while I wait for you at Path Entrance, you refuse to leave Hecritor behind stating that I have mobiles (as if the skill I have to summon them somehow entitles you to bring Hecritor), and whi

le I am helping Nighteagle ressurect (although you and I are still under challenge) you pill off to your storeroom and log out?

I fought you in your rituals in Mercinae the other day, with the rather predictable result of you dying, and then eating a pill to your storeroom and logging out. For a guy who whines that Alecto isn't suitable as a baron of thakria cause she doesn't

fight, you are hardly one to throw stones.

The mobiles I bring to battle are skill related similar to the dragon you ride into battle which you summon by ritual. Am I to take it that I should bring Thandrades along everytime I fight a warlock who has a dragon or a sorcerer who has a demon? G

et a grip Zakath. You now have your ultimates, what's your next excuse?

Written by my hand on the 28th of Skyelong, in the year 989.