I shall tell thee Cimares, but not here.

Kilthas, going to a safe location DOES NOT protect against Saphirs curses, and I will not allow that pathetic coward to keep me from doing what I might otherwise.

If I am sitting in Cassiandora square chatting with my friends, Saphir does not bother me so much. If however I am fighting 4 other people, the curses start to get a little annoying.

Cavaliers can only take weapons from people in their location. Seers can only shatter rits if they have a stone focused in the location. Sorcerers can only send demons to people in non-safe locations. The curses follow none of those rules. But eno

ugh of this, I believe that has been changed.

Sir Arthor, feeling better.

Written by my hand on the 12th of Eleuthral, in the year 989.