Wizard Kilthas, Deathly Quietto Everyone

Ello Laguz,

Well, you've said a lot and have quite a few good points. However, I

think it will fall upon deaf ears when it comes to the parties it was

addressed to. You see, they see things through tinted visors and such

and will likely soon reply merely to call their attacks on you \"practice. \"

I never did clear up if that meant practice for them or practice for

their target, though I'd assume in this case, they'd say practice for

you, as it sounds like you just aren't yet equipped with the skills

to deal with them. It's truly amazing how many different things are

seen from the same thing when looked at from varying angles. If only

some of the angles made sense. *shrug*


Written by my hand on the 9th of Mournsend, in the year 987.